Righteous Greens Soul to Bowl

Organic greens are all the rage. Did you know that microgreens have ten times the nutrition of full-grown plants—and aren’t just a pretty addition to a fancy foodie plate? But if you’re not a restauranteur, they’re not so easy to find.

Dripping Springs-based microgreens growers Righteous Greens brings the highest quality, vegan-grown microgreens to market.


More pea shoots for the people!



Tiny greens deliver bigger and better nutrition. But not everyone understands that. So, we designed an identity suite, point of sale materials, packaging and a website to get this little powerhouse off to a strong start.

Pairing design elements inspired by 1960’s typography with modern macro photography of the products, we took Righteous Greens from “Soul to Bowl” with style!


Righteous Greens took their first market by storm, selling out in only their second week. Within a month, they doubled production and established a regular clientele. 

The growers also attracted the attention of some major restaurant chefs, who now order by the pound weekly. This tiny greens company expanded to a second market in less than 3 months, where they sold out on day one.

Samantha Hinrichs — ACD + Art Director