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Stripes Convenience Stores

At Stripes, we can’t do anything halfway. You can see it in everything we do—from our insistence on welcoming every single customer that walks through

our door, to the love & special attention we give each local market, to our passion for our jobs and our customers. So it’s only natural that we’d never settle for “kinda cold” beer.

Or just the usual handful of basic soda fountain options. At Stripes, exceeding our customers’ expectations isn’t just a policy—it’s almost an obsession. At Stripes, we go the extra mile for our customers because they deserve it. Maybe that’s why our customers are willing to go the extra mile to visit us.


Mix & Match Rich Media Game

The Stripes soda wall is a place to try all kinds of fountain drink combinations. What better way to show people just how much we have available than through a game? Users have 60 seconds to match as many fountain flavors as they can, memorizing the variety of flavors as they play. 

The game was so successful, we launched a second game in partnership with Coca-Cola for the second portion of summer. This time, when a user matched them all, they were rewarded with a free 32 oz fountain drink. 

"Food Pairings" Social Posts

Stripes stores have variety that typical convenience stores just can’t match. To highlight this, we created a series of tongue-in-cheek social posts illustrating possible humorous “food pairings.”


Everyone is already using social media to talk about what they’re eating—these posts include Stripe's guests in that conversation.

Mixed Fountain Drink + Beef Jerky:

Bright and effervescent, the vast multitude of soda mixtures create a literal dreamscape of flavor possibilities. Once combined with the earthy tones of beef jerky, this pairing becomes a transcendental experience that lingers on the palate.

Stripes RadioLawyer
Stripes RadioTexas Summer

“At Stripes, we go the extra mile for our customers. Maybe that's why our customers are willing to go the extra mile for us.

— Doug I., Creative Director

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