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Laredo Taco Company

Lately, it seems like everyone is making tacos. They’ve officially gone mainstream. The problem is that too many of these new taco places are getting it wrong. Settling for bland recipes or lower-quality ingredients. Peddling gummy tortillas out of a bag. They are disrespecting the taco. 

That’s where we come in. At Laredo Taco Company, we’re on a mission to preserve the AUTHENTIC Tex-Mex style food we—and our customers— know and love. 

At Laredo Taco Company, we respect the taco. 


Our Tagline

At Laredo Taco Company, we want to remind people that, unlike many places out there, we go the extra mile to make tacos the right way—the authentic South Texas way. In other words, our tacos are Made Right Here. This means two things:

First, MADE RIGHT means we don’t compromise, skimp, or cut corners. 

Second, HERE means Laredo Taco Company is the place you can count on authentic Tex-Mex food. HERE also means made fresh—we build your taco to order right in front of you.


It’s made with key ingredients like tortillas and salsas made fresh in store – not shipped in from some far-off food service factory. 

“Respecting the taco is about being true to our roots of passion, authenticity, and simplicity.

— Jose Canales / Creative Director

Store Experience

We take pride in staying true to our roots. In the new store experience, we wanted to capture this authenticity in the look and feel of the brand. Taco stands and hand-painted food menus in Mexico made us hungry, and we wanted art direction that was reminiscent of authentic, tasty Mexican food to do the same. Taking those art cues, we illustrated our ingredients and brand 

mantras with linoleum cuts, a process that underscores the individuality of each piece of type and illustration. The crafted illustration and texture aligned naturally with handmade quality food. We used bright colors unique to our brand with mural art to define the space. Unique wayfinding signage and the smell of handmade tortillas took care of the rest. 

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