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All Emergencies Matter.

As if suddenly finding yourself in an emergency isn’t scary enough, a trip to a traditional ER is usually an awful experience. The thought of it is often enough to make most people think twice (or more) about their options. So let’s give them one. 

An emergency room with cutting edge technology, service, and board-certified doctors, nurses and staff. And no wait. 


A place where all emergencies matter.



Humor is rarely used in healthcare, so what better way to stand out from the category than to use it, wisely. There are lots of reasons people end up in the ER – often all it takes is one bad decision.

Whether it’s misjudging your athletic ability, overestimating the depth of your local watering hole, or grabbing that pot handle straight from the oven – in an instant everything changes and you need the best help FAST. 

“Humor is rarely used in health care, and we

wanted to develop a campaign that is refreshing, new, and above all approachable.”

— Cindy Montgomery / Brand Strategist

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