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Just as fine wine needs to breathe, a premium ice cream needs to temper (that’s a fancy word for soften). Tempering lets the flavor bloom, so ice cream tastes it’s best. To introduce tempering, we created a unique timer. The perfect wait, for the perfect consistency and flavor.

At Goodby Silverstein & Partners, I was fortunate enough to join the Häagen-Dazs' team—assisting with the design and development of the augmented reality timer app, as well as the suite of supporting campaign launch creative. 


The App Experience

Once fans have downloaded the Concerto Timer app, they can point their phone camera and align the dotted line guide with the lid of any Häagen-Dazs ice cream carton. Recognizing the visual of the lid, the app launches a virtual violin performance of Bach Inventions No. 14.

The addition of a second carton reveals a cellist accompanying the violinist in a classic duet.


While the music is playing, users can share the experience with their Facebook and Twitter networks.​

“The app concept came directly from our brand loyalists who recognized the necessity of tempering to enjoy all of the flavors in our ice cream,”

— Cady B., Häagen-Dazs Brand Manager

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